Joseph Areno

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JOSEPH R. ARENO was born in Montreal, Canada in 1950. He emigrated to the United states at the age of 13. He began studying painting in 1966. For the last thirty-three years he has expanded his experience and talent to include: figurative "life drawing" and painting, portraiture, landscape and cityscapes. Joe has studied in a variety of schools and studios in Montreal, Paris, New York and Santa Barbara. He has been a member of the Oak Group since 1985. Local representation in Santa Barbara includes R.J. Friedmann Fine Arts, Maureen Murphy Fine Arts of Montecito, Peregrine Galleries, James Main Fine Art, and Robert Livernois Art and Antiques. "All of my work is derived 'from life', from daily activities and experiences. I make an effort to submerge myself in day to day life vis-a-vis drawing and painting. In my work nothing is borrowed or fashioned from any other source; ie. photography. I can only make mine that which I grasp and capture through a total commitment to real life experience. Figurative work is the mainstay of my efforts. As I paint, I'll reach to find the grace of movement that underlies and transcends the vitality in 'landscape work'. As this occurs, a breath of life is extended into the 'scape' and space. Over the years the mediums of preference have happened to fall into the following categories: oil on canvas and panel, pastel on paper, crayon on paper and the physically organic power of charcoal. Painting and drawing, and all of which it involves, has been my life for many years, the last seven of which have been the most rewarding. There isn't anything else in the world I would rather do or be than Joe Areno, Painter." He is listed in Davenports, & more. Biography courtesy of