William Ernest Chapman
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WILLIAM ERNEST CHAPMAN (1858-1947)born in Altmar, NY. STUDIED: University of Chicago, 1875; Mt. Holyoke College, 1876-1878; AIC, with Annie Shaw, John Vanderpoel, 1884-1886; Academie Julian, Paris, with J.P. Laurens, Robert-Fleury, 1887-1889; Bouguereau; Courtois; Charles Lasar, 1889-1997. MEMBER: Int. Art Union, Paris, 1902-1912; Associate, Soc. NAt. des Beaux-Arts, 1905. EXHIBITED: 48 St. Comp. WORKS: Luxembourg Museum, Paris; Mt. Holyoke College. He is listed in Davenports, Askart, Who's & more. Biography courtesy of Who's.