Leland Curtis
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LELAND CURTIS (1897-1989).

Born in Denver, CO. Leland Curtis was a resident of Seattle before moving to Los Angeles in 1914 & was inspired to become an artist by his teacher Rob Wagner at Manual Arts High School. After working as a bank teller and serving in WWI, Curtis was soon able to support himself as an illustrator. Leland served as official artist of the U.S. Antarctica Expedition in 1939-1940 and again in 1957. Around 1960 he changed his residence from Los Angeles to Twenty Nine Palms, CA and spent his summers in Moose, WY.

Leland Curtis is best known for his landscapes of the High Sierras, Grand Tetons and Antarctica. His works won dozens of medals and prizes from the early 1920s in Southern California shows.

Leland Curtis biography courtesy of Edan Hughes.