Paul Darrow

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PAUL DARROW, born 1921.

Los Angeles Times art critic, Suzanne Muchnic wrote, "Darrow admits to having difficulty throwing anything away, particularly objects that have been transformed by weather, age or human intervention. Eventually these irresistible materials migrate from one collage to another until they find a home." When Paul's studio was flooded a few years ago by a winter storm, damaging artwork and fresh paper, he worked the remnants into a new series of collages! Darrow is well known also for his life-long interest in an Eastern, philosophically Zen-like approach to the art of living. Paul is nationally renowned as a painter, muralist, watercolorist, etcher, photographer, collage and mixed media artist. Many folks in the Southern California, Laguna Beach area, know him as the skipper of "GLEAM," a Cal 30, sabot racer, for his Talewind cartoons, and also for his exhibitions at the Peter Blake Gallery. Darrow was a professor at Scripps College and Claremont Graduate School. Information submitted as a bulletin by: Kathleen-Marie Snipes, former drawing student (and later one of his classroom models) at Scripps College and Claremont Graduate School.

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