Jack Kay

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Jack Kay, perhaps best known for his large canvases depicting Southern California Harbor scenes. Signed most of his work "J.Kay".

The biography below was written when Kay was still painting (approximately 40 years ago). Jack Kay lived and painted in California for many years before retiring and relocating to Seattle.

The Americana that Jack Kay depicts directly reflects his experiences. He paints what he knows best. Thoughtful figure studies of his children at play, the fishing boats of the Northwest, old cars and abandoned buildings -- all executed with incredible sensitivity. Kay has captured a part of our "not so old" past that otherwise would be lost to us.

"The rusted carcass of a car with brush and perhaps a tree growing up through it tells a story, as does a large abandoned house, falling down on it foundations. All of us must have a truer perspective of ourselves. Nature will go on irresistably, either with us, or without us."

Jack Kay's style of art is juxtaposed on his life style; rugged western individuality. Home to him, his wife and three children is a cabin in the back country of Montana; no electricity, no plumbing.

Kay attended the Art Center School (Los Angeles), the Los Angeles County Art Institute and the Stadt Academie in Munich, Germany.