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Kevin Short is a native Californian. He was born in San Diego in 1960 and raised in Goleta, a small coastal community north of Santa Barbara. After excelling in art during high school he focused on an art career with studies at the University of New Mexico, Pepperdine University, and in 1984 graduated with honors from the Art Center School of Design.

From 1984 to 1989 he primarily worked as a freelance commercial artist which greatly helped in refining his painting skills. Since 1989 he has focused his full time attention on producing contemporary impressionist style landscape paintings, done right on location while viewing the subject. His paintings depict a wide range of subjects from tropical scenes of the South Pacific to the arid landscapes of the American Southwest. From untouched wilderness regions to bustling cityscape views, always seeking to capture the present, as it is being changed.

He resides in Capistrano Beach on the southern edge of Orange County and continues to sail, fish and ride waves. His love, respect and continued interest in the ocean and shoreline is clearly evident in his many paintings of the California coastline.

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