John Porter Leeper
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JOHN PORTER LEEPER, (1909-1985)...Born in Dandridge, TN on April 23, 1909.

Leeper was raised in Phoenix and studied art there for several years. During the 1930s he further studied in Los Angeles at Otis Art Institute and then returned to Arizona where he lived and taught at the Phoenix Art Center until 1942. Returning to southern California, he worked as a sketch artist for movie studios. During the 1930s to 1950s he painted American Scene subjects of life in American homes; after the 1950s he painted abstracts. Leeper died in Los Angeles on Nov. 7, 1985.

Exhibited: LACMA, 1944, 1958 Calif. WC Society, 1944-55; Calif. State Fair, 1954 (prize); San Jose State College, 1957; Laguna Beach Art Festival, 1958, 1960. In: Arizona State College (mural); IBM; Long Beach Music College. ~ WWAA 1940-70.

Biography courtesy Edan Hughes.