Nevada Wilson
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NEVADA WILSON (1877-1961), Wilson was the daughter of Joseph Alfred Wilson, who owned the Elko-Tuscarora Stage Line. She was raised in Tuscarora and attended San Jose California Normal School in 1895 and then returned to Nevada to work as a Wells Fargo agent in her father's business. She married Arthur Primeaux in 1903 and divorced several years later. In 1908, she opened an art studio in Reno and a year later married Frank Reilly and became an art teacher in the local schools, later becoming a supervisor. In 1916, she moved to Los Angeles and in 1925, married Samuel Evans and continued to paint until her last years. She exhibited early art talent and according to several accounts studied with celebrated artists in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. It is known that she studied with Paul Lauritz, Jack Wilkinson Smith, and Lorenzo Latimer-- the latter having the most influence on her. In fact, she and her friend Doris Groesbeck first induced Latimer to go to Reno in 1916 to teach watercolor classes. She preferred to paint on location and was known for her desert and mountain landscapes but also did florals, animals, a few portraits and china painting. She was a member of Women Artists of the West, and the Laguna Beach Art Association. Credit: "Women Artists of the American West" by Phil Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick.