Sueo Serisawa
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Sueo Serisawa (1910-2004) immigrated to Seattle, WA in 1918 and three years later settled in Long Beach, CA. He studied at Otis Art Institute, AIC, and in Long Beach with George Barker and his father, Yoichi Serisawa. His teaching experience includes Kahn Art Institute, West Hollywood (1948-51); Scripps College, Claremont (1949-50); USC Summer School; and Laguna Beach School of Art. His work includes portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. Member: Foundation of Western Art; Calif. WC Society (past pres.); Laguna Beach AA. Exh: Oakland Art Gallery, 1939; Calif. State Fair, 1940, 1949 (medals); LACMA, 1941 (solo); PAFA, 1947 (medal); CPLH, 1948; Dayton (OH) Inst. of Art; DaIzelI Hatfield Gallery (LA). In: LACMA; MM; Smithsonian Inst., San Diego, Santa Barbara, Pasadena, and Laguna Beach Museums. Invw; WWC 1942; WWAA 1947-70.