E. Roscoe Shrader
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E. Roscoe Shrader (1878-1960)

E. Roscoe Shrader - Painter, illustrator. Born in Quincy, IL on Dec. 14, 1878. E. Roscoe Shrader came to California with his family when he was a child and began his art studies with William Lees Judson at USC. In 1902 he returned to Illinois where he enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for two years. E. Roscoe continued his art training in Delaware with Howard Pyle and, under Pyle's guidance, became an accomplished illustrator of books and magazines. Shrader was a member of the art colony in New Hope, PA for three years before settling in Los Angeles in 1917. In that year Edwin became a teacher at the Otis Art Institute and, upon retirement in 1948, was dean of that school.

E. Roscoe Shrader's paintings and illustrations are mostly of people, their activities, and historical Indian subjects. Shrader was also an accomplished cellist and played with several string quartets. He lived in La Canada, CA until his death on Jan. 18, 1960.

E.Roscoe Shrader bio courtesy Edan Hughes.