Ray Stanford Strong
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RAY STANFORD STRONG (1905-2006)) Strong began painting at the age of 8 and, during his high school years, spent Sundays with painter Clyde Keller working from the Columbia slough to Mt. Hood. Upon moving to San Francisco in 1924, he enrolled at the CSFA and from there went to NYC where he continued his studies at the ASL under Frank Dumond. Returning to SF in 1931, he organized, studied, and taught at the local ASL with Maynard Dixon, Frank Van Sloun, and George Post. Taking over the old Beaux Arts Galleris on Maiden Lane, they formed an Artist's Cooperative Gallery from 1934-39. He was an also an artist in residence at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (1960-63) and cofounder of the Art Institute of Santa Barbara. He is listed in Hughes, Davenports, Whos & Askart.com. Biography provided courtesy of EDAN HUGHES.