J. Stephen Ward

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J. STEPHEN WARD (1876 - 1941), California landscape painter.

Active in California, Arizona, and Oregon. Ward was born in St. Joseph, Missouri and studied in San Diego, California with Nicholas Brewer and Maurice Braun. During the 1920s, he lived in Glendale, California, where he opened an art gallery with his son, Thurlow Ward and was a member of the California Art Club and the Artland Club of Los Angeles. He also painted in Arizona and Texas, winning honorable mention for a submitted work at the 1923 Arizona State Fair where one of his exhibited paintings, of the Sedona area, was titled "Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona." In 1929, he won honorable mention at the Witte Museum exhibition at San Antonio. By the early 1930s, he had moved to Jacksonville, Oregon, and became a prize winner at the state's annual exhibitions.