Hardie Gramatky
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Hardie Gramatky
Hardie Gramatky became an illustrator of national reputation, especially known for his Little Toot children's books for G.P. Putnam's Sons.

Hardie Gramatky was a painter, especially known for his watercolors, and did American Scene paintings of cityscapes, landscapes, seashores, and construction workers.
Hardie Gramatky biography provided courtesy of “California Watercolors 1850-1970” By Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last.

Hardie Gramatky, N.A. (1907-1979)... Born: Dallas, TX

Studied: Stanford University, Chouinard Art Institute (Los Angeles)

Member: National Academy of Design, New York Water Color Club, American Watercolor Society, California Water Color Society.

Hardie Gramatky was raised in Southern California. He studied art with E Tolles Chamberlin, Clarence Hinkle, Pruett Carter and Barse Miller. A dedicated student of watercolor painting, Gramatky produced an average of five small watercolors per day. By 1929, he had become a proficient watercolorist and was recognized as one of the true innovators in the development of California Style watercolor painting. These skills helped him to get a job as a senior animator at the Walt Disney Studios.

In the early 1930s, Hardie became active on the board of the California Water Color Society and it was largely through his aggressive moves that the California School of watercolorists was able to take control of the Society and expand it into a nationally recognized organization....

extended biography is available in McClellands "California Watercolors" book.

Hardie Gramatky biographical information:

Interview with Dorothy Gramatky, 1983.
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