Nat Edson
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NAT EDSON (1909-2001). Comic book/sketch Artist. Worked in the comic industry for over 40 years. Including stints for Edgar Rice Burroughs TARZAN & Disney Comic Books. Edson also painted in his leisure time...his favorite subjects being portraits & nudes done in the pastel, pencil, pen/ink & charcoal mediums.

TARZAN: Tarzan in the Temple of Flames; Tarzan, Valley of Peril; Tarzan and the Sea Serpents; Tarzan and the Apes of Changok.

DISNEY Comics include: Tonka, 1959; Toby Tyler, 1960; Kidnapped, 1960; Indentured Servants, 1960; Pollyanna 1960; Pollyanna, The Good Old Days, 1960; Pollyanna, The Glad Game, 1960; Hans Brinker, 1962; Holiday on Ice, 1962; Ghostly Confession, 1963; The Golden Pendant, 1963; Turnabout, 1963; Masquerade Justice, 1963.

LYMON YOUNGS, TIM TYLER's LUCK, from about the mid-1930s to the mid-'40s.

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