Lloyd Dundas Whiffen
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LLOYD DUNDAS WHIFFEN (1885-1951), California Artist.

Lloyd Whiffen was born in India of English parents on October 5, 1885. Raised in England, he was taught to paint by a local artist who took him to Italy for further study. By 1912 he had immigrated to California. While painting in Yosemite in that year, he met a local girl and was married there. During this period he was often the painting partner of Charles H. Harmon.

In 1927 the Whiffins moved to the Monterey Peninsula where they established import shops in Carmel and in the Del Monte Hotel. He often accompanied fellow Englishman, Wm Adam, on painting expeditions. His pen-and-ink sketches and paintings of missions and historical buildings were reproduced on postcards and stationery from 1925. In 1931 Whiffin and his family moved to Alameda on San Francisco Bay. He taught night school in Alameda and exhibited in outdoor art shows at the San Francisco Civic Center. During the last ten years of his life he painted prolifically in California from Palm Springs to Yosemite. His subjects include landscapes, marines, garden and farm scenes in oil, watercolor, and tempera. Whiffin died in Alameda on February 28, 1951. Member: Carmel Art Ass'n. Exhibited: Bay Region Art Ass'n, 1935.

Lloyd Whiffen biography courtesy Edan Hughes.