Arthur Beaumont

Arthur Beaumont (1890-1978).

Arthur Beaumont taught at the Chouinard Art Institute in the 1920's. Best known for his watercolors of ships and harbor scenes.

Cornelis Botke

Cornelis Botke was primarily a landscape painter but was also a highly renowned etcher and block-printer.

Jessie Arms Botke

Jessie Arms Botke was one of the most celebrated decorative painters of the twentieth century.

Alexandra Bradshaw

Alexandra Bradshaw, California Watercolor Painter (1888-1981).

Rex Brandt

Rex Brandt, California Watercolor Painter (1914-2000).

Rex Brandt, a native Californian, is considered one of the most important and influential California watercolorists.

Maurice Braun

An established California plein-air painter in the Impressionist style, Maurice Braun's skill of showing the varying effects of light put San Diego into the national art scene.

Victor Czerkas

Victor Czerkas (1914-2003).

Victor Czerkas produced fine art watercolors and oil paintings depicting regional California cityscape views. Received private painting lessons from Nicolai Fechin.

Phil Dike

Phil Dike, California Scene Painter (1906-1990).

Phil Dike, a Southern California native, was one of the main innovators in the development of the watercolor painting movement in California.

Hardie Gramatky

Hardie Gramatky became an illustrator of national reputation, especially known for his Little Toot children's books for G.P. Putnam's Sons.

Harold Gretzner

Harold Gretzner, California Watercolor Painter (1902-1977).

Harold Gretzner was a member of the Thirteen Watercolorists and a founding member of the West Coast Watercolor Society.

William Griffith

William Griffith first visited Southern California, and two years later moved to Laguna Beach, where he served as President of the Laguna Beach Art Association.

Paul Grimm

Paul Grimm, California Desert Painter

Anna Althea Hills

Anna Hills was an active member of the Laguna Beach art colony and co-founded the Laguna Beach Art Association, serving as several terms as president.

Richard V. Johnson

Richard V. Johnson, California Watercolor Painter, (1905-2001).

Dong Kingman

Dong Kingman, California Watercolor Painter (1911-2000).

Emil Kosa Jr.

Emil Kosa Jr., California Watercolor Painter (1903-1968).

Emil Kosa Jr. was among the first California Style watercolorist's whose work brought attention to the West Coast watercolor style.

Roger Kuntz

Roger Kuntz, A California Artist (1926-1975).

Sydney Laurence

Sydney Laurence - Alaskan Painter

Sydney Laurence was one of the first professionally trained artists to live in the Alaska Territory.

Jack Laycox

Jack Laycox, California Scene Painter (1921-1984).

Jack Laycox produced many fine watercolors depicting city & urban scenes of California and New York throughout his career.

Jake Lee

Jake Lee, a Chinese-American scene painter


Maurice Logan

Maurice Logan was an expert watercolor and oil painter of California scenes which included the downtown and waterfront areas of San Francisco and other small California towns

Alfred Mitchell

Alfred Mitchell, a painter of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Mitchell settled in San Diego in 1908.

Vernon Nye

VERNON NYE, A.W.S. (b.1915-present).

Vernon Nye has contributed greatly to California watercolor painting.

Phil Paradise

Phil Paradise - An American Scene Painter.

George Post

George Post, California Watercolor Painter (1906-1997).

George Post was born and raised in Oakland, California.

Ken Potter

Ken Potter, California Watercolor Painter (1926-present).

Ken Potter is a third generation Californian.

Noel Quinn

Noel Quinn, California Watercolor Painter (1915-1993).

President of the California Watercolor Society in 1962, Quinn's watercolors featured bold patterns, bright colors and geometric design.

Ed Reep

Edward Reep - California Scene Painter (1918-2013)

Born: Brooklyn, NY

Charles Reiffel

Charles Reiffel’s work was exhibited throughout the country, winning many national awards and the accolades.

Paul Sample

Paul Sample’s reputation as a leading member of the Regionalist movement throughout the 1930s was a direct result of the realist approach he used in depicting everyday aspects of American culture.

Millard Sheets

Millard Sheets, California Watercolor Painter (1907-1989).

Millard Sheets was a native California artist and grew up in the Pomona Valley near Los Angeles.

Raimonds Staprans

Raimonds Staprans began working in the Bay Area in the 1950s...a time when other artists in that region were rediscovering figurative painting.

Donald Teague

Donald Teague - The dean of American watercolorists.

S.C. Yuan

S.C. Yuan is considered one of the finest painters to come out of the Monterey Peninsula.

Milford Zornes

Milford Zornes, California Watercolor Painter (1909-2008)

Milford Zornes was one of the premier California watercolor artists as well as a respected instructor.